LogoSolair II - Pictures (2)

The aileron doubles as a full span flap.
The spoilers at the inner wing are located optimally to avoid inducing a pitching moment.
The integrated hinge is a technical treat.
The hinge axle runs over the whole control surface length in aluminum tubes which are wrapped up in the sheeting carbon fibre.
This results in a gapless hinge...
... and thus high control surface efficiency.
All joints and connections are designed for form fit.
The electrical connections for the propulsion units engage automatically when mounting the tail surfaces to the fuselage.
The propulsion motors are integrated into the stabilizer tips and mounted in two ring structures each.
The propulsion units are acoustically de-coupled from the airplane structure by silent blocks. Also, there are sensors for measuring the propeller thrust in flight.
The solar cell interconnections are a new development too: ...
... SMT soldering paste is applied in a silk screen process, then the cell connectors are soldered in place by a special machine.
Extremely thin silver strings are used.to connect the solar cell top surfaces. Together with an elaborated soldering technique, only very little thickness is added to the cell assembly.
This is a prerequisite for filling the solar generator top surface flat and even with very little resin.

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