LogoSolair II - Pictures (1)

You can see...
... just be looking at the Solair II...
... that it is a 100 % composite plane.
The cockpit is built around the pilot ...
... and the large hood offers an optimum view.
The seat base is made of aramide fibre composite. It has a form fit to a bulkhead which further reinforces the fuselage.
The seat base is removable for maintenance which allows easy access to all fuse installations.
The main gear strut almost completely encloses the wheels...
... and is mounted below the fuselage as a single assembly.
The wing just before joining the top and bottom halves. Additional ribs increase the rigidity of the honeycomb sandwich.
Botton half of a winglet... the spar stub fit into the outer as well as the inner wing.
Additional control surfaces at the winglets increase the yaw moment.
The winglet rudders operate to one side only and fit snugly into the winglet bottom when not deflected.

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