The V7 won the F5B Worlds 1996 (1st and 2nd place). It is based on the V6 but with a reduced fuse tip diameter and a smaller wing with a new airfoil (7.5% thickness instead of 8%).

Propulsion: 27 cells Sanyo N-1000SCR, Kontronik speed controller and brushless geared Kontronik or MEB motor. We're using various propellers with a diameter of 14" and a pitch of 13 to 15".

RC System: Graupner/JR mc-12 PCM receiver, Graupner/JR C341 servos, Sanyo or Panasonic 110 mAh receiver battery.

Wing airfoil: HD53, Stab airfoil: HD801

Layout drawing
The World Champion 1996 - Franz Wei▀gerber (outer left) after his first record-breaking 36 legs flight.
The Vice World Champion 1996 - Florian Lang (middle) looks happy too.

Many thanks to David Palombo of Aveox for the Photos. You find many more pictures from the Worlds at www.aveox.com/Czech.htm.

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