The V6 was designed in winter 1995/96. Wing and stab are built from CNC milled molds, while the fuse male plug was hand carved in Oberammergau - somehow, hand figured fuses still tend to look better than computer designed ones (see that weird V5 fuse).

Propulsion: 27 cells Sanyo N-1000SCR, Kontronik speed controller and brushless geared Kontronik or MEB motor. We're using various propellers with a diameter of 15 to 16" and a pitch of 14 to 16".

RC System: Graupner/JR mc-12 PCM receiver, Graupner/JR C341 servos, Sanyo or Panasonic 110 mAh receiver battery.

Wing airfoil: HD50, Stab airfoil: HD801

Layout drawing
Templates for polishing the wing mold, cutting the carbon and glass cloth layers and positioning the wing servos and linkage.
The V6 sports an aileron linkage which runs almost completely inside the wing. The servos are located near the wing center and link to the ailerons by a carbon torsion tube with a ball bearing outboard and a steel wire.

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