The V5 was developed in spring 1995. Wing, stab, fuse and propeller are built from CNC milled molds. In order to save weight, we used a quite small motor so we had to cope with high RPMs (some 18,000 to 20,000). No wonder the prop noise was loud and sounded like an air raid siren. Nevertheless, the concept worked surprisingly well.

Propulsion: 27 cells Sanyo N-1000SCR, Sommerauer- or Schulze controller and Plettenberg HP355/25 motor, various props with a diameter of 10 to 11" and a pitch of 6 to 7".

RC System: Graupner/JR mc-12 PCM receiver, Graupner/JR C341 servos, Sanyo or Panasonic 110 mAh receiver battery.

Wing airfoil: HD50

Layout drawing
CAD wireframe
CAD shaded picture
Another CAD shaded picture
Propeller complete with HP355/25 motor (more about this prop and the negative mold)
Carbon spar layout
Ariane V5 in contest

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