LogoSolair II - Technical Data

Designer:       Gnter Rochelt
                Lerchenfeld 2
                D-22081 Hamburg
Plane:          Solar Plane Solair II


Planform:                    rectangular swept forward (inner) and backward (outer)
Airfoil:                     DU 95-136+8
Span:                        20.00 m
Area:                        17.00 m
Aspect ratio:                23.5
Mean chord:                  855 mm
Aileron area:                2.87 m
Aileron mean width:          160 mm
Aileron deflection:          +15 / -25
Spoilers:                    6000 x 70 mm (inner panel only)
Remarks:                     Ailerons being used as full span flap

Stab arrangement:            V Tail
Open angle:                  110
Planform:                    tapered
Airfoil:                     NACA 0012 mod.
Stab area:                   2.04 m
Control surface area:        0.57 m
Control surface mean width:  168 mm
Control surface deflection:  15 elevator plus 15 rudder;
                             max. 30 in combination
Projected vertical area:     1.97 m (incl. fuse extension)
Projected horizontal area:   1.17 m (incl. fuse extension)

Length:                      6.12 m
Height (at cockpit):         0.9 m w/o landing gear
Width (at cockpit):          0.62 m
Landing gear:                steerable front wheel, fixed 2 wheel main gear,
                             fixed tail wheel
Stab lever length:           3.80 m

Solar Generator
Type of solar cells:         Monocrystalline Silicone
Max. efficiency: :           17.3 %
Solar cell area:             13.44 m
Max. power:                  1163 W (insolation 500 W/m)

Type:                        PCE Optimiser
Max. efficiency of MPP Tracker: 98%

Motor type:                  Permanent induced DC motor
Number of motors:            2
Motor arrangement:           Pusher, mounted at the stabilizer fin tips
Nominal voltage:             30 V each (motors are wired in series)

There are 2 propulsion alternatives:

Type 1 (direct drive)
Motor designation:           DINO HP 550-100
Max. power:                  2 x 4500 W
Max. efficiency:             91 %
Propeller type:              Delago 2 blade folder
Propeller diameter:          1.46 m
Propeller max. efficiency:   89 %

Type 2 (geared drive)
Motor designation:           DINO HP 550-67 modified
Max. power:                  2 x 4000 W
Max. efficiency:             91 %
Gearbox type:                planetary
Gearbox ratio:               1:4.32
Propeller-Typ:               Delago 2 blade variable pitch folder
Propeller diameter:          2.00 m
Propeller max. efficiency:   92 %
Remarks:                     inflight thrust monitoring

Batteriy type:               SANYO KR 4000; 54 cells wired in series
                             2-4 packs in parallel
Nominal voltage:             65 V
Capacity:                    max. 4 x 5.2 Ah = 20.8 Ah
Stored energy:               max. 1352 Wh

Empty weight:                140 kg
Max. weight (MTOW):          230 kg
Max. wing loading:           13.5 kg/m

Carbon/Glass/Aramide Composite
Honeycomb sandwich shell construction

Design constraints
Design rules:                Berblinger Bauvorschrift
Max load n1:                 4.0
Max. load n2:                4.0
Max. load n3:                -1.5
Max. load n4:                -2.0

Operational velocities:
Stall speed vs:              44 km/h
Maneuver speed vA:           96 km/h
Max. speed vNE:              120 km/h
Operational top speed vD:    111 km/h


Min. sink rate:          0.35 m/s at 51 km/h
Best glide Emax:          46 at 59 km/h

Level flight with solar power (500 W/m)
Min. aerodyn. power:                    755 W
Optimum level flight airspeedt:         51 km/h

Climbing with battery power:
Aerodynamic power req'd for 2 m/s climb rate:
Min. aerodyn. power:                    5071 W at 51 km/h
Aerodynamic power req'd for 2 m/s climb rate and optimum:
matching of the propulsion system:
Aerodynamic power:                      5742 W
Optimum climb airspeed:                 65 km/h

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