LogoSolair II - Optimizing weight

The power needed to fly an airplane is mainly a function of maximum take-off weight and aerodynamic properties. The Solair II combines the elaborated aerodynamics of a modern high performance glider with consistent use of today's most advanced light weight materials and building techniques.

The structure consists of composite fibre reinforced components only. Carbon, kevlar and glass fibre materials have been used alone or in an optimized combination to fully exploit their advantages. Large area structures were built as homeycomb sandwiches to obtain maximum bulge stability.

The importance of optimizing weight is made clear by looking at the following diagram which shows the required aerodynamic power as a function of the weight for the Solair II:

Power diagram

Weight heavily influences the required propulsion power. At 220 kg only 755 W is needed to maintain altitude.

Weight diagram

The Solair II is very light with a take-off weight of 230 kg. Note that the structure contributes only 39 % of the total weight.

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