This is the "grandfather" of the V-Series. Florian Lang, Norbert Hübner and Hannes Delago (not with Team Ariane at that time) built this plane for the 1993 contest season (or was it 1992, oh never mind). I didn't find any drawings other than the wing layout below. The wing was in fact based on an old "Surprise" by Rudi Freudenthaler while the fuse was totally different and its main features basically survived (thru repeated "recycling" of the fuse male plug) up to our latest design, the V7. The V3 had a so-called "Y-Tail" - a V-Tail which didn't sit directly on top of the fuse but on a small fin which also houses the elevator servo.

Propulsion: 27 cells Sanyo N-1000SCR, Sommerauer controller and various Plettenberg motors ((HP355/45 and /40 Neodym).

RC System: Graupner/JR mc-12 or mc-18 PCM receiver, Graupner/JR C341 servos, Sanyo or Panasonic 270 mAh receiver battery.

Wing layout
A red V3
A yellow V3
Maiden flight in Oberammergau, Florian Lang is the pilot.

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