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Here a a few pictures from the Nuremberg Toy Fair 1997:

Formula 1 pylon racer "Cosmic Wind", wingspan 1200 mm, 12-16 cells (Graupner).
Speed 400 pylon racer "Spark", wingspan 900 mm (Graupner).
Electric glider "Secco", wingspan 1475 mm, 6-10 cells (Graupner).
New CAM Props (Graupner).
Brushless motors - ULTRA brushless 220/20-2 (7...10 V), 220/20-2 G 5,1 (with gearbox, 8...12 V) and 300/30-2 (10...20 V) (Graupner).
ULTRA brushless motor and speed controller, cut open (Graupner).
Stefan and Hans Graupner introducing the new mc-24 transmitter (Graupner).
A fleet of "Airdancer" ARFs. Fuse, wing and stab are made of colored foam, wingspan 1400 mm, 7-10 cells (Robbe).
Gulfstream "Commander", all-foam construction, wingspan 1230 mm, 2 Speed 400 motors, 7 cells (Robbe).
Ultralight "Smiley", wingspan 1420 mm, 7 cells (Multiplex).
Prefab parts from the "Smiley" kit (Multiplex).
"Pico 4" receiver, dimensions 42x16x16 mm, weight 12 g (Multiplex).
"MS-X2" servo, dimensions 20x22x11 mm, weight 9 g (Multiplex).
Electric glider "Peppo", Speed 400 motor, wingspan 1200 mm, 6-7 cells (Simprop).
Indoor and calm air model "Bleriot II", ARF, wingspan 1220 mm, total weight around 185 g (Icarus).
Prefab parts from the "Bleriot II" kit, plus micro RC components (Icarus).
Jim Martin (left) of Hobby Lobby and David Martin (right) of Kavan.
Colorful birds and planes at the GŁnther Flugspiele booth.

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