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Here are few pictures of interesting models:

Bernd Bo▀mann (right) and J. Ney (left) showing their solar powered flying wings named "Trosollmuffel". Wing span: 2500 mm, wing area: .62 m▓, total weight: 1140 g, airfoil: MH43, variable pitch folding propeller, motor: MEB, gearbox: 6.75:1, 100 solar cells, 48 watt generator output power at 100% solar radiation, propeller rpm: 1480, MPP: 24.5 V, Vmax (calculated): 44 mph, requires only 25% solar radiation to fly.

Dornier Do-24, 3.75 m span, 17 kg flying weight, retractable gear, will start/land on water too, 3 Plettenberg/Graupner electric motors with Kruse 2:1 gearboxes, 10 minutes minimum flight time, 3 speed controls for steering when afloat (RPM of outboard motors),3 x 24 cells 1,7 Ah Panasonic. Very natural in flight, super scale. Builder: Marcel Henrich.

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