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Here are some of our friends who work with us and support the team.

(picture to follow...) Edwin Bloch - solar and experimental pilot, and well-know as a maker of high-efficiency coreless motors. He also builds small planetary gearboxes and cooperates with us in developing brushless motors.
Charly Braun - woodcarver in Oberammergau (home village of Florian Lang and Hannes Delago). He supports us in the workshop and as a helper in competition. Charly is a master in making male plugs - his taste and gifted craftsmanship is reflected in the shape of our fuses!
Harald Konrath of Kontronik, showing off his electronic first aid box. Kontronik supplies us with brushless motors and speed controllers.
(picture to follow...) Anni Wei▀gerber - besides being Franz's caring wife, she runs the Carbon-Vertrieb (composite materials dealership).

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