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This one it meant for those chill-out flights in the evening. We choose 5.5:1 scale for a wingspan of 4.8 meters (189"). The molds are ready in January 1997 - let's see if the target weight of 3 kg (6.6 lb) is a realistic one...

Fuselage: There's no transparent hood - it will be painted on the fuse. The wing cutout allows access to the inside.

Wing: Three pieces with 1.6 m each. Carbon sheeting with foam core and carbon spar. A total of 6 servos in the wing. Airfoils HD91 (10%, inboard) to HD94 (7,5%, outboard). Root chord 154 mm (6.1"), tip chord 37 mm (1.5").

Propulsion: 16 cells, MEB or Kontronik brushless geared motor.

Three side view
CAD shaded picture
Another CAD shaded picture
The wing joint in the milled mold: two wide grooves for the 10 mm carbon rods and a narrow groove which will hold the 4 mm anti torsion wire.

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